Monday, May 17, 2010

Reisman, Bowen Complete First STS-132 Spacewalk

Astronauts Garrett Reisman and Steve Bowen completed a seven hour, 25 minute spacewalk at 3:19 p.m. EDT.

The new space-to-ground antenna they installed will increase the space station's ability to conduct two-way data, voice, and video communications. They put into place a new tool platform for the Dextre robot, and Bowen prepared six batteries that will be installed during the second and third spacewalks by loosening the bolts that hold the batteries in place. The batteries weigh approximately 2,200 pounds.

Meanwhile, the space shuttle's robotic arm has successfully grappled the Mini Research Module-1 for relocation to the space station on flight day 5. It will provide additional storage space and a new docking port for Russian spacecraft.

This was the first of three STS-132 spacewalks, 237th conducted by U.S. astronauts, the second for Reisman and the fourth for Bowen. It was the 144th in support of International Space Station assembly and maintenance, totaling 900 hours, 58 minutes.