Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alien Planets meet secure Around Dying Sta

Two far-away alien planets around a dying star have been naked locked in the closest orbital cuddle ever seen, a new study has established.These two gas giant planets are jump by their mutual gravitational magnetism, and are faster and tighter than any beforehand discovered set of planets.

"This is the tightest system that's ever been discovered, and we're at a loss to clarify why this happened," said Caltech astronomer John Johnson, organizer of the new study, in a statement. "The newly discovered pair is orbiting the immense dying star HD 200964, located roughly 223 light years from Earth.

"A planetary system with such closely spaced giant planets would be smashed quickly if the planets weren't doing such a well harmonized dance," said co-researcher Eric Ford of the University of Florida in Gainsville. "This makes it a real puzzle how the planets could have found their rhythm More close planets

In addition, the team also exposed two more extra solar planets also protected in a tight embrace around a diverse star. Both these planets, and the pair in the first set, are gas giants more immense than Jupiter. Like most exo planets, they were uncovered by measuring the wobble, or Doppler shift, in the light emitted by their parent stars as the planets orbit around them.